Not able to receive emails on postfix dovecot configuration

August 18, 2018 617 views
Apache Email Configuration Management Ubuntu 16.04

I configured postfix and dovecot on ubuntu 16, Im able to send emails to using although Im not able to receive emails from I have checked my mx records using an online website and it returned no errors. I have configured and smtp port 25 is also working

1 Answer

Postfix is responsible for receiving emails and passing them to Dovecot for local delivery. Postfix also works as an SMTP server. So failure to receive emails on your system could be caused by several factors:

  • Lack of inbound access to port 25 (mail delivery port)
  • Incorrect Postfix configuration
  • Incorrect Dovecot configuration e.t.c I would advise you to seek the the help of a professional to troubleshoot the issue because it needs more analysis.
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