Not able to see login page at <my ip address>:8090 for Cyberpanel!!

Posted April 6, 2020 5.5k views
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I’m getting timeout error?

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Hi @shubham91,

It seems you haven’t opened port 8090 for external use. You’ll need to open it in order for you to be able to reach your application on the said port.

  • If you are using UFW, you can execute
sudo ufw allow 8090
  • If you are using only IPtables, you can execute
iptables -A INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 8090 -j ACCEPT

Additionally, please check if anything at all is listening on the port. You can check this by running the following command :

netstat -tulpen | grep 8090


Also please make sure your DigitalOcean network level firewall allowed port 8090


same problem here “login to <ip address>:8090 just returns "server not found” … this happened repeatedly when creating droplets wordpress and wordpress with litespeed … pure litespeed droplet is the only droplet i can log into cyberpanel <ip address>:8090 … any hints how to resolve ?

I cant access cyberpanel ERRCONNECTIONTIMED_OUT

I type IP:8090 like always and cant access
I think its becouse resizing droplet (dont know)

How to fix?
My websites on droplet are working

add this i solved firewall-cmd –zone=public –add-port=8090/tcp

<ip>:8090 chrome browser not login

but firefox login success

For future reference: This post is about not being able to access <IP>:8090 for Cyberpanel. In my case, this was actually a good workaround. I was unable to visit Cyberpanel through <subdomain>.<domain>:8090, but I was able to access through <IP>:8090. Perhaps, for some of you, the opposite could be a workaround for you guys? Cheers :)