Not able to setup dns with zpanel. My domain is showing zpanel login screen.

Posted December 1, 2015 5.5k views

I have created a droplet having Ubuntu and installed zpanel in it. Then I updated name server on my registrar’s website to point to digital ocean, In digital ocean I updated the DNS as mentioned on this “” article. Upto this point everything is working fine. Now the problem is when I am hitting my domain url its showing me zpanel cp login screen. I added domain name in zpanel and point zpanel name server to droplet IP but nothing is working here. It still shows zpanel login screen. I am not understanding what I am missing here. I am working on it from last 3 days on it but could not get success on setting up my website. Please help me to get this thing done. Thanks in advance

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Would you mind posting a copy of your DNS Zone in a reply so that we can take a closer look at it and see if there’s anything that may be out of place?

Also, other than DNS, has anything else been modified?

  • Thank you for the quick response,

    Please have a look on these screen shots, I am really not understanding what else to do.

    Digital Ocean DNS

    ZPanel Domain Status (Which is showing Pending from last 48hrs.)

    ZPanel DNS Manager

    zpanel NS

    Waiting for your response,
    Thanks in advance

    • @atdigit

      Ah, I believe I see what’s wrong :-).

      It appears as if you’re trying to setup custom DNS from the looks of it, however, there’s no routing in place for the custom DNS at DigitalOcean.

      If we take a look here, you’ve setup A entries for ns1, ns2 and and then set ns1 and ns2 up as NS entries here.

      Even though it’s not really a good idea to set all your NS records to the same IP (as it’s a single point of failure), the above would work, though you need to register the IP(’s) for your NS records, otherwise they’re just entries on your server.

      Since you seem to be using DigitalOceans’s DNS (that’s what your domain reports when doing a WhoIs lookup), you need to create the same A entries that are shown here through DigitalOcean via the Networking -> Domains section. You would then need to change all three of the NS entries here to match your custom DNS.

      So your DigitalOcean DNS Zone file should look something like:

      A                @      
      A                ns1    
      A                ns2    
      A                ns3    

      Unless you’re using www as an actual sub-domain, I’d drop that A entry and replace it with a CNAME, thus resulting in:

      CNAME            www    
      A                @      
      A                ns1    
      A                ns2    
      A                ns3    

      Bare in mind, DNS changes can take anywhere from 12-24 hours to resolve, so if this doesn’t immediately resolve, give it a little time and check back.

Hello, all

I have not personally used zPanel, but to me, this project looks completely abandoned. There have been no updates to that repository for the past 7 years:

The last installer script which was supported was for Ubuntu 12, which has been EOF for a very long time:

I would recommend choosing a different control panel. You could start by having a look at this page here for some useful Control panel tutorials:

There a lot of web panels available (most of them are free to use) that you can choose in order to manage your server. What I can recommend is to try them as in this way you can see if it really suits your needs.

I will list the top control panels that I recommend:

CentOS Web Panel
Vesta CP

and of course I need to mention Plesk although it’s not free it’s been available for a while and it’s always been the main cPanel competitor. It has a lot of build-in features and a lot of plugins that you can install and you can always reach to their support team if needed which is something that might come handy in time.

You’ve now got some great options if you want to use a control panel with your server but you don’t want to pay for a license. I’ve tried to lay out most of the available options, but which one is best will ultimately depend on your individual needs.