Not receiving root password

November 11, 2014 14.1k views


I created a new droplet yesterday but still have not received the root password in my email. I tried resetting the root password as well as create that droplet again but still no email. I have received emails from digital ocean before and they do not appear in my spam folder. Any ideas why I'm not receiving my root password?

  • I just checked and it looks like the emails were successfully sent. Did you check your Spam/Junk folder in case they accidentally ended up in there?

  • I am having same problem . Still didn't receive email for root password

  • This problem just happened with me aswell, took untill after I had given up waiting and deleted the droplet before the password arrived....

  • Having exactly the same issue now. Requested password 3 times. No email as of yet. Infuriating!

  • The same problem. No email. Checked in junk mail as well!

  • Yes, same problem here. I receive some emails but not all from DO?! I had to reset my root pw and now I'm not receiving this email. Checked my Junk/Trash, nothing there. I think DO is having problems getting through some email listings... You guys need to develop an alternative to the email if it's too difficult to to send emails.

  • Destroying the Droplet seems to have solved my problem for now. After I destroyed the existing droplet I received an email about my newly created droplet (without resetting my root pw). But Digital Ocean admins, please check on this, something's wrong somewhere since so many have complained.

  • Same here, I got the same thing too.

  • I've got the same issue too!

  • Same for me. I already destroy 3 droplets

  • Me too. I just created a new droplet 30 minutes ago and have yet to get the "New Droplet" email with my credentials

  • I cant delete droplet. I have there 15 sites. But I reseted root password 5 times, but after 2 hours I didnt get mail. I thought its problem on my side, I tried to change mail in DO admin to gmail mail. It said that confirmation mail was sent to my mail but even that confirmation mail didnt come... I am desperate, I am not able to connect to my console, it asks for password that I didnt get... Nobody answering to my tickets...............................................................f************k

  • I made a droplet about 30 minutes ago. Haven't received the email with the password.
    No I didn't set up SSH.
    No it's not in a spam folder.
    Yes I tried resetting the droplet password.

    Not sure what the problem is. Considering how nice the rest of the digital ocean experience has been I wish this would be too.

    Might have to call customer service, if I can find the number...

  • How exactly do we use the SSH private key with PuTTY?

  • The same issue now. I Requested password 3 times, but no email as of yet.

  • ....and the issue continues. It has been a hour now. Haven't received the email with the password.
    No I didn't set up SSH.
    No it's not in a spam folder.
    Yes I tried resetting the droplet password.

    Can anybody help me?

  • i dunno but this method works on me :

    1. when create new droplet, don't add new ssh key or tick the checkbox of previous key. leave it behind( if u ever create droplet before).

    you'll get the email

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Did you set up the droplet with a SSH key? If you do this, no password will be sent to you, you SSH in using the key and then run "passwd" to change it to one of your choosing.

I too experienced this problem with initial creation of the droplet. However, resetting the droplet's root password triggered the email.

Until the issue is fixed, try this:

  1. create your droplet
  2. goto > Droplets > Access
  3. Reset Root Password

Check your email, you should have received the access password. At least I did.

I had this problem as well. I never received the original root password via email, it wasn't in my inbox, sub folders, or spam.

I reset the root password and actually received the pw email. Then I tried to login with it three times, no luck. I waited five minutes and tried again, and it worked! Seems like black magic to me. Anyway, try resetting the root password and give it 10 minutes or so.

Did not receive root password too even if I Reset Root Password three times.

I also looked in junk folder but nothing was there... Could you solve that issue ?

Same problem. Waiting for the password

I solved this problem shutting down the droplet before reset the password.

This is ridiculous! One year later since the OP and still the same??

Same issue here. No emails :(

Same problem here....i made the Droplet i have no receive root pass,
Reset Root Password three times but no answer!!!

no inbox,
no junk
no everywhere !!!

After adding the ssh key to a Droptlet , I also didn't recieve any email,
Before adding ssh i recived every mail with credentials but now Nothing.
What to do??

If someone from future comes across the same issue here's how I solved it.

  1. I went to the specific droplet page. eg. Droplets->[droplet name].
  2. Selected recovery option from the menu and select "Boot from recovery ISO".
  3. Switched off droplet using the "On/Off" button on top.
  4. After it turned off, I re-pressed the button to turn it on.
  5. Then Clicked on "Console" button on top.
  6. After opening the console I got 6 options to select in the console window. I first selected "1" and enter to mount the disk image.
  7. Once mounted, I entered "3" to reset droplet root password.
  8. Tada!!! I was prompted to enter the new password twice.
  9. After everything done, Go back to recovery option and select "boot from Hard drive" option.
  10. Turn it Off and On again
  11. Done. I was able to access the droplet from my terminal.

Hope this helps. I'm Using Debian 9 as the OS.

Had a similar problem..What worked for me is

  1. Destroy current droplet
    2.Create a new droplet BUT

    -Don't assign any SSH keys during creation
    -Don't enable backups during creation

  2. Create droplet and wait for the email. You should receive it within 15 minutes or less.

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