not sure which one. serverpilor or runcloud

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Hi all
not sure if this is the right place to ask this but would like to learn about your experiences and pros and cons about runcloud or serverpilot.
Not sure whichone to choose.
Runcloud has a lot of features but not sure if they work how they should
All feedback would be really helpful
thanks a lot!

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  • Serverpilot.io all the way, it offers "less" than runcloud, but the support service and the system itself works a lot better, and also there is a lot of documentation on how to do what those "extras" on runcloud do, like installing Redis, and other apps.

    I have used ServerPilot for more than 2 or 3 years maybe, and I never had an Issue and for the few doubts, I got they responded really quickly with an accurate response. I tried Runcloud and the first thing I tried, it fails miserably (making a payment with PayPal to subscribe to the service), support took days to even respond my initial email, and in the end they never solved anything, one day out of nothing it worked and I was able to make the payment, yet I never got a response for my last email.

    Also, they posted a nice blog post about an issue they faced with Redis and that the same issue was present on all the runcloud deployed servers, they said "it will be fixed" on July 2017, and as for today April 2018 I can assure you such fix is not implemented on my freshly deployed runcloud server.

    Other issues I found:

    -Let's encrypt doesn't work on their control panel, as the button to add a new cert doesn't even works.
    -If you create a new App/site sometimes you need to use the rebuild option for the site to be actually created on your VPS.

    So at least my experience with them is not a good one so far, so I think I will keep paying more for ServerPilot as it is more reliable. I already even installed the few extra things I was attracted to on runcloud into my Serverpilot Servers and was really easy and quick.

    Also, the Pure Nginx option for an app is easily done in ServerPilot, just take a look at the Docs.

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Let me explain few things,

I used both serverpilot.io and runcloud.io for 7 month almost.

These two provide most similar service.

Onething is great for runcloud is you have two option to choose configuration.

  1. Nginx + Apache (Nginx as a Reverse Proxy)
  2. Nginx+ PhP-fpm

If you need to access .htaccess file there 1 will be great. But if you don't need .htaccess you can choose 2 nd option. Even 2nd option is better than first. Almost everything needed in .htaccess file can be configured in nginx.conf. You need some time to learn and used to.

But for serverpilot you don't have 2nd option. They only based on Nginx+Apache configuration.

Somehow I liked serverpilot more than runcloud, because of its simplicity. I installed serverpilot agent and runcloud agent on two different droplet, Most of the case runcloud consume more memory than serverpilot. Actually runcloud install more things than serverpilot on droplet.

what kind of things you want to run on droplet, be mention. If I know about this I will assist you.

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