Now that FreeBSD is supported, Can we please get pfSense available?

March 25, 2015 5.5k views
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I’ve been sitting on my hands to give DigitalOcean more of my money, monthly in exchange for a droplet with pfSense on it. Which is small, and easy to get running. But i have not seen it yet. Can we please get this enabled for users? Id like to set up a personal proxy to protect my home network from malicious sites and known/emerging threats.


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Thanks for the suggestion. User feedback plays a major role in what one-click images we offer. I’d recommend voting for pfSense here.

Thats an excellent idea, i would like to have pfsense too

Yes please! pfSense is awesome and would make a great addition to DO :)

I need it! I am a new user and i was hoping to use pfsense on this cloudservers.. but it is not possible :(
i should try to compile it from scratches in a FreeBSD droplet, but seems to be a not handy solution (if it works).

Thats sound like a awesome idea.

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