Hello, log listed below. I’m developing on a mac using vs code. I have a feeling it has to do something with that. App is configured as ‘static site’ on DO. Site is reactjs + tailwind ran off a Vite dev server. Any ideas? I couldn’t find much about it.

2021-11-24T20:03:33.398226834Z => Initializing build
2021-11-24T20:03:33.419518806Z => Retrieving source code to /workspace
2021-11-24T20:03:33.438012874Z => Selecting branch "main"
2021-11-24T20:03:39.982189072Z => Checking out commit "b21cc0ea5f80d76fd1544906e1b17f2c3f52af1e"
2021-11-24T20:03:40.898882757Z => Got source_dir: /
2021-11-24T20:03:40.912549760Z => Using workspace root /workspace
2021-11-24T20:03:40.939261944Z => Building app using buildpacks
2021-11-24T20:03:41.098605385Z => Configuring custom build command to be run at the end of the build:
2021-11-24T20:03:41.112527338Z      npm run build
2021-11-24T20:03:41.504681920Z => Running buildpack detection
2021-11-24T20:03:42.037121893Z heroku/nodejs-engine  0.5.0
2021-11-24T20:03:42.037146523Z digitalocean/node     0.3.4
2021-11-24T20:03:42.037196888Z digitalocean/procfile 0.0.3
2021-11-24T20:03:42.037261771Z digitalocean/custom   0.1.0
2021-11-24T20:03:42.092987885Z For documentation on the buildpacks used to build your app, please see:
2021-11-24T20:03:42.093017522Z    Node.js: https://do.co/apps-buildpack-node
2021-11-24T20:03:42.369019959Z => Checking for cache from a previous build
2021-11-24T20:03:44.063800989Z Previous image with name <registry-uri-0> not found
2021-11-24T20:03:44.748480854Z Layer cache not found
2021-11-24T20:03:46.803165326Z Layer cache not found
2021-11-24T20:03:47.248206579Z => Building app
2021-11-24T20:03:47.377129423Z ---> Node.js Buildpack
2021-11-24T20:03:47.386403593Z ---> Installing toolbox
2021-11-24T20:03:47.398567794Z ---> - jq
2021-11-24T20:03:48.167213321Z ---> - yj
2021-11-24T20:03:48.579908471Z ---> Getting Node version
2021-11-24T20:03:48.602509089Z ---> Resolving Node version
2021-11-24T20:03:50.810977499Z ---> Downloading and extracting Node v12.22.7
2021-11-24T20:04:04.317221443Z ---> Parsing package.json
2021-11-24T20:04:05.105118315Z ---> No file to start server
2021-11-24T20:04:05.105152510Z ---> either use 'docker run' to start container or add index.js or server.js
2021-11-24T20:04:05.128487637Z Project contains package-lock.json, using npm
2021-11-24T20:04:05.498484755Z Using npm v6.14.15. To configure a different version of npm, set the engines.npm property in package.json.
2021-11-24T20:04:05.498511007Z   See https://do.co/apps-buildpack-node for further instructions.
2021-11-24T20:04:05.499237687Z Installing node_modules using npm (from package-lock.json)
2021-11-24T20:04:05.865344780Z Running npm ci
2021-11-24T20:04:06.844571326Z npm ERR! esbuild-android-arm64 not accessible from esbuild
2021-11-24T20:04:06.850428872Z npm ERR! A complete log of this run can be found in:
2021-11-24T20:04:06.850770621Z npm ERR!     /home/apps/.npm/_logs/2021-11-24T20_04_06_845Z-debug.log
2021-11-24T20:04:06.856911670Z unable to invoke layer creator
2021-11-24T20:04:06.856924124Z installing node_modules: exit status 1
2021-11-24T20:04:06.860457256Z [31;1mERROR: [0mfailed to build: exit status 1
2021-11-24T20:04:08.837447124Z For documentation on the buildpacks used to build your app, please see:
2021-11-24T20:04:08.837537595Z    Node.js: https://do.co/apps-buildpack-node
2021-11-24T20:04:08.839830665Z [31m ! Build failed (145)[0m
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