NYC1 Speedtest vs test file / sftp transfer speeds?

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This is my first time using a VPS, I have basic knowledge to get some stuff don’t but obviously don’t know everything. What should you be seeing for SFTP transfer speeds?

I usually see downloading from sftp speed plateau at 500-600KiB/s & upload via sftp plateaus at 600-700KiB/s.

I uploaded a test file to my site to test via browser & it’s the same as sftp.

Here’s my connection speed to a NYC server via speedtest.

Here’s the speedtest with DigitalOcean flash tester.

DigitalOcean 100MB speed test file.

If these are normal then I’m sorry for bringing it up, just curious.


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  • Install speedtest-cli.


    Retrieving configuration…

    Retrieving server list…

    Testing from DigitalOcean (myipaddrss)…

    Selecting best server based on latency…

    Hosted by Unwired (San Francisco, CA) [5.93 km]: 7.489 ms

    Testing download speed........................................

    Download: 859.30 Mbit/s

    Testing upload speed..................................................
    Upload: 347.54 Mbit/s

    This way you can test the DO pipes, rather than your own ISP. I’m on SFO1.

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You’re download speed is right where mine is (I normally max at 65Mbps) and I’m downloading from NYC1 at between 6-8MB/s using Chrome, which is spot on since 65Mbps = 8.125MB/s.

With your download speed capped right where mine is, you should expect around the same if you’re ISP allows you to download at semi-consistent speeds (for the test file).

482KB/s definitely isn’t normal. What I would recommend is trying other locations, just to verify that the same same either is or isn’t happening. Their network connectivity is vast and Droplets are on a shared 1Gbps port, which would definitely provide more throughput than under 1MB/s unless it happens to be under high load (i.e. too many people connecting will drag speeds down).

  • I’m going to make a snapshot tonight & try other server locations.

  • Weird I just remoted into my HTPC & my android device & tested this download & got 8-9MB/s. On my main PC I get the 500-600KiB/s plateau. I’m on Windows 10 Pro 64bit. What could cause this…

    • @brycethomas

      Are you on WiFi on Windows 10 or wired in? If on WiFi, try wired if possible and see if the same thing results. I run both Windows 10 and MacOS and normally if I have an issue over WiFi, I’ll go wired. If that doesn’t work, I’ll reboot the modem and router.

      • Wired. I also tried Wifi since I have a PCI-E Adapter. Already tried a reboot of both & did a firmware upgrade for my Asus router.

        • @brycethomas

          That’s rather strange. The only other time I had issues with inconsistent traffic was when I was using the router provided by Charter Communications. It was a rather dated Netgear router which I replaced with a Google OnHub router and since, I’ve never had a connection issue.

          I run my connection from my modem to a switch and then out to my router (so WiFi is an option), then wired connections to anything that can connect.

          Not saying the modem is the issue though, as obviously if you’re able to connect over WiFi and achieve near perfect speeds, it’s working.

          Since you’re using the default Chrome download page to view the download, you don’t appear to be using a download manager, so we can toss that out (they tend to be problematic from time to time which is why I mention it).


I’ll be honest with you, even though I’ve ran multiple UPS’s in the past, I didn’t even think about that being an issue until you mentioned it. I ran in to a similar issue a few years back before moving to where I am now. Most of the time UPS is set and forget (for the most part), though it didn’t even occur to me since it’s been so long!

Definitely glad to hear you were able to get that resolve though! I know I go a little crazy when my speeds start dropping off for no apparent reason. That’s one of the reasons for the router swap, but I’ll have to keep UPS in the back of my head moving forward so I don’t overlook that in the future!