NYC2 block storage support ETA

February 22, 2017 3.1k views
Block Storage Ubuntu 16.04


Could you please let us know what is the ETA to start block storage support in NYC2?
This info is crucial to make proper decision about architecture which we trying to build.


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We don’t have an ETA we can announce yet but we’ll be sharing more information on block storage regions and plans in the next few weeks.

  • Hey @ryanpq did this announcement ever get made? I’ve looked and didn’t see anything.

    • A while back we published this updated blog post which provides the timeline for block storage for all regions except NYC2 and AMS2.

      • Ugh ok bummer. Hope it’s coming soon!

        While I have you though, I’ve always wondered: Is there some fundamental weakness with the NYC2 datacenter? It always seems to get upgrades last, and I wonder if we should just stop using it altogether.

November - Any new update on this?

I want to know too. But i think it will never come.

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