nyc2 vs nyc1 hardware

October 1, 2013 3.1k views
I have a vm currently at nyc1 (data seems faster to my location). I originally tried nyc2. It appears from looking at /proc/cpuinfo that nyc2 has a 2.3 gHz clock and nyc1 has 2gHz clock speed. From this I would assume this means nyc2 has newer hardware. nyc1 seems to handle my needs fine. If I have any issues I will go back to nyc2. Are there any plans to upgrade the older servers ?
3 Answers
This is not an issue. I can see no real difference in performance between the two. Please disregard.
I normally see that NY 1 is a bit crowded (bandwidth wise) than NY 2
Unless you need Private Networking, you can get the same performance from both.
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