Off Site / Remote Back up to Amazon S3

October 16, 2013 11.8k views
I have a couple of VPS with DO but am conscious that should anything happen to them I would like my data backed up. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to start with backups to S3 from a DO VPS? I use S3 / Glacier for my local backups so it would make sense to continue using them. Thanks.
4 Answers
Try rsync, duplicity or headless DropBox.
I personally use Duplicity to back up to S3:

I believe you can configure it to upload to Glacier too.
You can keep a backup by synchronising the files inside a directory (e.g. your website files /home/user/public_html) with the command:

s3cmd sync /home/user/public_html s3://my-aws-bucket
A note to the above:

The first time the command will copy all files to s3 and the second time only the new files. However, it will not delete any old files that do not exist anymore in the directory that is synced.
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