Official Vagrant plugin ?

December 1, 2014 2.1k views

Hello there,

Due to recent changes on API, some issues came with vagrant plugin, for example on created droplets by slug instead of name.

I’m asking myself if it’s not a good idea to provide an official plugin for vagrant ?

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That was an unfortunate issue. Image names were never promised to be stable. In fact, when deploying via API you can only specify an image via its ID or slug, but the vagrant-digitalocean plugin abstracted that. A new release was just made that now makes use of the image slug. The contributor who cut the release is actually a member of the DigitalOcean team. He recently gained commit access to the project.

An official plugin would be great!

Despite help, this plugin has many problems, especially with rsync.

Also, apparently it is not with the active development.

The Digital Ocean should make a commitment to maintain an official plugin. Certainly many of his customers use the Vagrant.

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