Often gateway timeouts (504) from Spaces

December 30, 2017 1.3k views
Object Storage

Anyone also have this? And when will this be solved?

  • Frustratingly yes.

  • We just spent a lot of effort moving our systems to spaces... and now it completely chokes?

    When I asked about limits during the trial they told me spaces could handle 200 requests per second... I'm lucky if I can get five requests working per minute.

2 Answers

Yes, frequently. They told me in a ticket that they are working to make it more reliable.

Sorry to drag up an old post. I recently move my systems to digital ocean spaces, I am moving large(ish) files upto 20mb maybe one per second (max), and I get 504 a few times a day. Any further notice on this? Never had this issue on S3...

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