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July 10, 2015 6.5k views
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I have a couple of domains (say and and would like to host them on DO with one droplet.
I initially set up using my droplet (which happened to be called as well).
Everything went fine and I was able to set up mail etc. Brilliant!

The problem arises now that I'd like to move to DO (and initially host it on the same droplet). As with I changed the names servers (on my registrar) for the DO's name servers. All good so far - but when setting up the DNS entries the trouble started:

In DO's DNS web tool I created initially another A record for pointing at the same IP - but the DO DNS complains the the domain name ( is not a subdomain of the initial domain ( - I guess fair enough.
So I create a C record * -> - with the same result.

And this is where I became somewhat stuck. Any ideas, hints, etc please.

Thanks in advance for your time.

  • From my understandment you are trying to create an A record of into the DNS. This will not work as it will give you an error. You first need to add a new domain in your DNS, of , and then add the A record to the same IP

  • hi, it tried adding two sites in single droplet but nothing goes right... i am not able to make needed changes to DNS .. can you please elaborate your answer .. and what if i am migrating a website to my droplet..

    thanks in advance..

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You'll likely be better off using Cloudflare for your DNS settings as it's a service that even DO recommend using. I have 15 websites installed on a single $5 droplet each with their own WP directory install without any issues and all, of course, pointing to the same droplet, each with their own A records, CNAME records, MX Records, SPF and DKIM yada yada yada, so it can definitely be done. If you have only just changed/added the DNS records for siteB, it might just be a case of waiting for the DNS setting to propagate.

Thanks for your replies - they were very helpful. In particular CrypticDesigns comment made me look at the DNS panel again. I got it sorted - and everything kind of makes sense once one reads the headings properly - Duh ;-).
Anyway, for anybody who will run into the same 'use case', here is what one needs to do:
When I first set up I used the 'Add a Domain' section:
* / the ip of your droplet (of droplet / your droplet *
Now for the domain do exactly the same.
* / the ip of your droplet (of droplet / your droplet *

This will result in now having 2 entries the Domain section

Then add A/C/MX etc records for according to needs.


  • Cool! Thanks for pointing this out! I was Googling for solutions and yours fit the bill exactly! :)


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