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Posted May 24, 2017 10.5k views
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I am currently trying to access my Droplet through the online console, after I lost/forgot the passphrase for my public ssh key. Unfortunately the console does not want to work, the screen just outputs the following lines of code. I’ve tried this on multiple computers, which different browsers and its the same everytime.

Console Output

The cursor blinks after these lines are printed out, but doesn’t register me typing at all. I even let this window load for a while, but nothing changes.

So how do I get this console window to work, so that I can switch out my ssh key.

Thanks in Advance!

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Console is a little different than Terminal/PuTTy in that it’s more of a direct connection to the Droplet, so what you’re seeing is what you’d normally see when a server is booting up and services are in the process of starting up.

Once everything loads, you should be prompted to enter a username and password. You won’t be able to see the input for the password, so you sort of need to know that you’re entering the correct password as you type it out since you can’t paste it in.

If you’re not prompted, hitting enter/return will normally bring you to that prompt, but not until every service has loaded and the Droplet has finished the boot sequence.

That being said, if you Deployed the Droplet with SSH Keys, the root user doesn’t have a password and password authentication is disabled, so unless you enabled password authentication and set a password for the root user after deployment, the only means of logging in is with SSH Keys, which, unfortunately, Console does not support.

  • The problem is that it never asks me for anything. If you take a look at the screenshoot, thats all that ever gets printed out. Even after waiting for a hour, nothing changed.

    I realise that, but I think I didnt deploy it with an ssh key, but changed to that later. I can reset the root password in the control panel, so technically I should be able to login. Atleast if the console would let me enter anything.

    So to conclude, the problem is that it doesn’t load.

    • @wagnva

      I’d shoot a ticket to support to see if there’s potentially an existing issue, or if they can be of assistance. I’ve not personally had any issues using console, though I use it infrequently as I mainly deploy with SSH Keys on my end (thus it’s not much help to me).

      The support team should be able to further help though :-).

    • Any help on this? I am having the same problem and it is December 2020. Just a black screen for over an hour, clicking, entering does nothing.