Only more disk space, has this service?

May 22, 2015 3.4k views

i just want add more disk space without adding more cpu/ram, is digital ocean provide this service?

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  • I am a customer like you so what I write is my humble opinion. But with the huge number of customers it would no longer be cost effective to offer custom solutions like “I only want more disk space”.

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If you check the support section for FAQ, its been answer there..

FAQ ->

Can I get a custom plan of CPU, RAM, or Disk / just increase SSD space?

We do not currently support the ability to create custom plans where resources can be increased independently. This means we cannot currently add additional SSD / disk space capacity to a plan.

The sizes that we provide logically bring resources together and allow us to most effectively distribute virtual machines across the backend (as well as deliver the most competitive price to our customers).

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