OpenLiteSpeed WordPress returns 404 on domain but works fine on IP

March 16, 2019 594 views
WordPress Apache One-Click Install Apps

I installed a droplet with one-click install OpenLiteSpeed WordPress. My IP works just fine but after I connected the IP with my domain, the domain returns 404. I'm not sure what's wrong here, please help.


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Please check this page on section "Create and Assign Listeners"

You need to map your domian in listener.

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Hi @qtwrk and @balapa , I am having exact same issue and I am following the "Create and Assign Listener" link to set up.
Because I just want to host one site, I didn't create a new virtual host - instead I edited the Default one. Here's how it look like now


I am not sure which part is wrong here. Could you please kindly help? Thanks!


If you are using both and indifferently, then you will need to add both and into it

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