optimize nginx 512Mb droplet

February 24, 2014 5.4k views
Hi!, recently I've purchased a 512Mb ram droplet, I've installed virtualmin-nginx and 1Gb swap file. Any optimal nginx.conf for 512Mb? I've found two posts, which is better? http://www.codinglogs.com/blog/server-management/vps-setup-guide/setup-nginx-web-server-not-apache-on-ubuntu-10-04 http://blog.zachorr.com/nginx-setup/ Thanks!
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Hi JP,

Both those articles seem to have some interesting bits. The second one is particularly nice since it has a fairly detailed description of each change to the configuration the author makes. You don't just want to copy and paste random configurations from the Internet! So I always lean towards the articles that explain why they do things not just what to do.
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