osx ? :)

May 15, 2014 5.2k views
hey guy´s, first i love your service, it's amazing! So my matter of concern is, we wanna try to make virtuell mashine of an osx and i know that many hardware components except the apple hardware, is compatible to osx? may you have any information about, installing an osx on digitalOcean? thx a lot! Marco
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OSX is not a supported option. In fact, we don't currently support custom OS images at all. You could add your vote to the DigitalOcean feature request for custom images:


Though, honestly I can't imagine that OSX support will be on the roadmap any time soon.

And what about know?
Still no OSX servers support?

You wont seen OSX soon. OSX from Apple needs license. It is very expensive. You need to pay the license too. I could not imagine how much money we need to develop OSX in Digital Ocean.

Usually OS in Digital Ocean is free (like Linux).

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