Our site is showing this message http://plugaztv.com ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

April 7, 2019 196 views
Configuration Management

Our site is showing this message http://plugaztv.com ERRCONNECTIONREFUSED. Is this something on the server end? We check the other known causes.

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Indeed as Amiy mentioned it is most likely a Web Server issue or a Firewall issue.

What you could do is SSH to your server and check both. For example you could check if anything is listening on port 80 with the netstat command:

netstat -plant | grep 80

If you do not see any output then most likely your webserver has crashed and you need to start it. To do so, depending on weather you are using Nginx, Apache or any other webserver you could use the systemctl start command to start the service. Here's an example in case that you are using Nginx:

systemctl start nginx

If you are using an Ubuntu server, you could check your firewall status with the following command:

ufw status

Hope that this helps!

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