Outline VPN and DigitalOcean $5.... how many users? and what is the max speed?

Posted December 10, 2018 8k views
VPNUbuntu 18.04

I’m using outline with digital ocean… $5.
I tested all digitalocean server before selecting a region… the fastest speed and ping was for frankfurt… so I went with it.

But then, I found that my internet test speed never exceeds 5 Mbps!
And whenever I test through, it freezes the whole server that I have to manually restart it from DigitalOcean dashboard.

Is it a problem with outline or digitalocean?
And how to fix it?

What is the maximum users it can serve at the same time?
what is the max speed if only a single device is using it?

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  • Have you tried the soft-ether VPN server, I am very satisfied with it. it has a few protocols, and you can create different hubs on each server for"Journalists" and etc.
    Digital ocean has the instruction on it.
    I myself am trying to check out the outline VPN and see eht the advantages/disadvantages are.

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Hey friend,

I’m sorry about the trouble you’ve had with this. I’d like to encourage anyone else reading this to weigh in, don’t take my answer as the only one. I do have opinions on it though :)

My opinion is that you’re probably looking at a strong encryption on the traffic, and that the CPUs used in Frankfurt are not the best for it when used in a single core droplet. Those CPUs shine when multi-threading. Try out some other locations, maybe London.

Personally I’ve had much better results in NYC3 (I’m in Texas). You might as well, though latency is going to be a bit more obviously.


  • I wish there’s an easy way to attach a screenshot here.

    Anyway, my droplet CPU never exceeded 33% since day 1.
    The same for memory.
    Disk io reaches 4 MB/s

    But the bandwith, never exceedes 4 or 5.

    My internet speed is around 10 Mbps without Outline VPN… but max 4 with it.

It’s just a question of clarification really but first is this VPN a UDP or TCP and if it’s TCP is it also using a wrapper like stunnel.

UDP is faster right but TCP using stunnel is more covert…and offer much more robust encryption… but lots slower.