OWASP top 10 rules for DO firewall?

March 10, 2019 535 views
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I’m using CentOS 7 droplets. For all my droplets I’d like to create a “Base Firewall” that has the usual attack signatures blocked as per OWASP Top 10. Can’t find anything in the tutorials for it. I’ve had decent luck with AWS WAF (there’s a yaml starter kit that one could easily set up with), but nothing on Digital Ocean. Any pointers? Thanks.

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Our firewall in the cloud control panel is purely a network firewall, and not a web application firewall. With this in mind, you can remove any reference to DigitalOcean from your search and focus purely on how to accomplish it inside of a CentOS 7 server without any external tooling.

One popular web application firewall is mod_security, an Apache module. I found a tutorial for installing mod_security and the OWASP rules here:


I do not believe that there will exist a step by step guide for choosing their top 10 rules as opposed to the entirety of their rules, but it is certainly possible to remove rules from the configuration files downloaded in this tutorial.


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