Owncloud 1 click install - where did it go?

September 29, 2017 3.7k views
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There used to be a 1 click installation of Owncloud available - where did it go? Is it not available anymore?

I've been struggling with my own installation of Owncloud this evening and am annoyed that I cannot seem to find a 1 click installation available despite finding links off of google for it....


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Looks like DO killed the ownCloud installer along with a few more of their one click apps (which btw, is what https://www.digitalocean.com/products/one-click-apps/nextcloud/ also links to, see the link under the button). NC is a fork of ownCloud, but we'll let brentrealbt make the decision instead of spreading false information over the internet :)

Not sure. But you should use Nextcloud instead of Owncloud anyways. It's the successor project. Faster, more secure, fully open source and more features. You find it here https://www.digitalocean.com/products/one-click-apps/nextcloud/

by Michael Lenardson
Nextcloud is fork of ownCloud, a file sharing server that permits you to store your personal content, like documents and pictures, in a centralized location, much like Dropbox. The difference with Nextcloud is that all of its features are open-source. It also returns the...
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