ownCloud name of server in public link

March 3, 2017 116 views
Server Optimization Ubuntu 16.04

I have an owncloud, behind an nginx in DMZ. The server where application is installed is in another vlan (trust vlan).
When the user's of the trust vlan accessed to owncloud server (https://serveur1.on-trust-vlan), the address are rewrited (https://server2.on-dmz.domainename) he passed by the DMZ.
The variable in owncloud overwritehost is configured https://server2.on-dmz.domainename.

The good way is for the user in trust vlan to stay in this vlan. But if i don't overwrite host, when we share a file, on the link, I have the address https://serveur1.on-trust-vlan and it's not possible for the user outside this vlan to contact this server.

I'm not sure to be clear but... the good way will be to have in the share link ttps://server2.on-dmz.domainename but connected on https://serveur1.on-trust-vlan
Thanks for all of your ideas.

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