PAM and SSH auth error when trying to connect.

June 12, 2015 1.8k views
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i am trying to login to my server, but I have suddenly got an error.

As it seems, ssh is working, and I have reinstalled the google PAM that i installed. But I still do not have any access to my server.

Error :
root@SHARED1:/# ssh -p 2892 nonadmin@ ssh: connect to host port 2892: Connection refused

I had already started a topic on askubuntu about it here

1 Answer

Without more information, it’s difficult to provide a good answer to this question. One good place to start when debugging an SSH issue is by adding the -vv flag to the command. Eg:

  • ssh -p 2892 -vv nonadmin@

This provides much more verbose error information and can often point to the root cause of the problem.

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