Parse Server Max Upload File Size

February 16, 2016 2.4k views
Ubuntu Apache

Hi all,

I am working on migrating a Parse application over to a Digital Ocean droplet and am running into an issue when uploading a file. The droplet is Ubuntu 14.04.3 x64.

I started by installing the MongoDB and Node prerequisites that are required for Parse Server, and then installed Apache2. When running Parse, I am able to register new users, save objects, etc. The issue now is that the image files are too large for what the server is configured to accept.

I have edited the apache2.conf file to set LimitRequestBody 0 to remove the file size restriction and restarted the service. When the file upload is finished, the console outputs:

Uncaught internal server error. { [Error: request entity too large]
expected: 1356501,
length: 1356501,
limit: 102400,
status: 413,
statusCode: 413,
message: ‘request entity too large’,

Is anyone aware of another place that I need to update in order to make the server accept larger files? Any help would be appreciated.


1 Answer

Can you explain the reason for using Apache ?

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