Pay with my credit cart instead paypal.

April 21, 2015 4.2k views

How can I pay with my credit car, because there is no button to pay with my credit card.

There is a section that says:
Make a one time PayPal payment It may take up to 5 minutes for the payment to process.

I do not want to use paypal, what is the process to pay with my credit card?

3 Answers

Once you add a credit card to your account it will be billed automatically on the first of each month for your usage in the previous month. Since this is a post-payment option while paypal is a pre-payment option there is no "Pay Now" button for credit cards unless you have a past-due balance.

Hi @ryanpq
Tks for your answer.
I am "Member Since 03/01/2015" I have not received any discount in my credit card, maybe is because I have less than $1 dollar of owe.

I will waiting more time.
Best regards

  • Generally your credit card will not be charged if the balance due on your account is less than $5.

I know it's old thread. But I have same problem. I thought I had to click pay button. then I realized I was losing money and there is no history in the paypal and I did not get credit at all in the digital ocean. Can I refund?

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