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April 24, 2019 348 views
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I have been using DO for the past 2 years without issue. I have always made PayPal payments in advance via my business PayPal account but I was wondering… I also have a personal PayPal account, can I use both to “top up” my DO account or is that not allowed?

On a side note my Droplet limit is 25, can i reduce this? Clicking on the Droplet link only allows me to increase it to 50 but I would never need such a high limit. I would like it reduced to something like 5 as that would be more than enough for my needs.



1 Answer

Hey there Paul! Thanks for the questions. You’re welcome to use different PayPal accounts to top up your account. You will just need to login to your desired PayPal account when making the deposit, as we don’t currently have functionality to store multiple PayPal accounts within your DO account.

On the note of reducing your Droplet limit, we’re happy to help with that as well! If you would please enter a Support ticket that states your desired limit, our Support Team can make that change for you.


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