Payoneer Debit Cards Payments

July 22, 2014 5.8k views

Hello, could someone explain why DigitalOcean is not accepting Payoneer cards for payments?

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This is ridiculous. You really should improve your fraud analytics instead of banning a widely accepted card like Payoneer. It is really an inconvenience for me, because in my country (Argentina) we suffer a 35% tax for buying services in Internet when using credit cards. Same thing with Paypal. I am sorry guys, because I love your service and I have recommended it to my colleagues, but the consequence is that I will not use your service anymore until you provide more payment options.

Check out our pricing & billing FAQ:

Do you accept virtual, electron, debit or prepaid credit cards?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but because we receive a large amount of fraudulent sign-ups we’ve had to restrict the use of virtual/electron and debit cards in some geographies. We made this decision after finding that up to 80% of abusive sign-ups used these types of cards. If you would like to pay with one of these cards, we recommend using the card to send a payment via PayPal.

Same thing happen to me. Payoneer card is not a virtual card. Its physical plastic made nicely designed card. Then why you not accept this physical card? You can ask for card scan picture for verification

same to me must need payoneer exception.

This is total ridiculous because they are neither accepting my Payoneer card and nor my bank card (which is union pay). And here in Pakistan PayPal is not supported. So in short I cant use DigitalOcean at all. lol

really ??? I used DO for more than 4 years, now that I can not use my payoneer card I’ll have to choose another service, it’s a shame :(

This is same :( Neither I can add my card.

I’m totally agree with Carlos83. This is ridiculous.

I’m in Nepal, and we can’t have international cards until we have working contract in some foreign nation. And paypal in banned too. So, not giving a way to Payoneer(which everyone is allowing) is a big hurdle for people like us to use amazing services like yours.

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