PBX in a Flash

September 5, 2013 7.8k views
Is there a proven method to install PBIAF (PBX in a Flash) an Asterisk Variant on a droplet? I know that PBIAF is a distro and designed to be installed from an ISO, but there is an install script at http://www.activespeak.com/ which makes most of it possible. I have tried it but get several errors compiling Dahdi and Asterisk.
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Please open up a support ticket, we'll see what we can do :]
I've been able to install snom ONE IP PBX just fine.
Yes there is and I have it running in DigitalOcean currently.

I will find the instructions for you and post it here.

This worked for me last year.
I'm going to be building a new one this week fora friend and we'll see if the new version installs the same.
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