permalinks (arch + nginx + wordpress)

June 7, 2013 4.5k views
Hi guys, I installed on my machine arch + nginx and I'm trying to run a wordpress site . It is installed in /srv/http/wordpress/ . I'm getting crazy with the nginx configuration. In order to work properly with wordpress and permalinks , you should change some config on nginX , so i did. I've created one specific wordpress.conf on sites-available/enabled and I'm including them on ngin.conf. Well the closest i got is the following: Now, the permlinks are working , but i have no freaking idea why every other link (css,js) are pointing to the index.php also) Someone to help me out a bit? any lights? I tried every configuration possible found on the net... Cheers,
2 Answers
How did you do it? It sounds like you just redirected everything to the index.php instead of only non-existing directories and files. When I googled, I found which should do the job.
Presuming the rest of your setup is correct then nginx helper will make nginx play nicely with permalinks. Just turn off its nginx-cache-purge stuff if you aren't using it.
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