Personal Access Tokens for creating Personal VPS Panel

Posted September 11, 2014 5.1k views

I’m trying to create my personal VPS Control panel to manage my digitalocean account (create, delete, manage, etc). And i’m using Personal Access Tokens (Generated by DO Control Panel) rather than create Developer Application (With Client ID & Secret to get token).

The Question is :

  1. It’s my way is bad idea?
  2. It’s Secure?
  3. How to refresh Personal Access Tokens if the tokens expired (The OAuth Documentation says its will be expire 30 day after issued)

Thanks for answer

NB: I’m sorry if my english is bad :D

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You only need to refresh tokens generated through the OAuth flow. The personal access token generated in the control panel doesn’t expire unless you revoke it.

If you’re just building something for personal use, using the personal access token is fine. In fact that’s what it’s there for. There’s no need to go through the OAuth dance if it’s just for you. Though if you are building something that others will be using, I’d encourage you to create a Developer Application. It will be a much better experience for your users when authenticating and it allows them finer grained control.

  • Thanks asb for your answers,

    I’m build my Control Panel to allow another user (e.g my team, and client) to access my DO account (Read droplet data, reboot, shutdown, etc).

    It’s okay?

  • Yes. Just be aware, that using the personal access token will give them full read/write access to the account. They will be able to destroy droplets as well as create them.

  • Ok, it will be handle with user level privileges.

    So, i can use my personal tokens and the token will be valid (without expiry time) until i revoke it?

    Thanks asb for your help.