php function file_put_contents always return false

August 29, 2016 4.8k views
Apache PHP Fedora Debian

hi, i have a strange problem, my droplet is fedora and i have set 777 permision to all my folders inside document root apache.

ive installed prestashop, i and receive the following error.

"recursive write permisions for user apache in /config/ directory"

i've tested the function fileputcontents on a file with permisions 777 and always return false.

what could be the problem??

sorry for the english, i live in russia

1 Answer

This took a bit of digging but the first thing I would check is that SELINUX is disabled. You can follow these steps to disable SELINUX. If this resolved things I would recommend then adjusting your permissions to restrict them again rather than running in production with 777 permissions.

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