PHP GD font path on Ubuntu VPS

April 5, 2015 4k views
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Hi, I installed on Ubuntu 14.04 Vesta (with, php, mysql, phpmyadmin etc).

On my website I use php imagettftext() function to write text on images.
Since years ago I used to write on other servers the font path like:

        $font = 'arialbd.ttf';

but here in Ubuntu with vesta and PHP Version 5.6.7-1 will get error: Could not find/open font in .......

I found 2 resolutions for my problem:


        putenv('GDFONTPATH=' . realpath('.'));
        $font = 'arialbd.ttf';


        $font = './arialbd.ttf';

How can I set to use only:

        $font = 'arialbd.ttf';


1 Answer

This link should provide you the information you need to ensure you are setting the proper font path for GD.

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