PHP mail() - Neither Sendmail or Postfix work on Ubuntu 14.0.4 LEMP

April 30, 2016 2.4k views
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I have tried every tutorial on this website and others going back to 2008. Nothing is working.

Sendmail sent emails on the first install, but would lag so hard that users using the contact form would get an nginx error. Purged.

Postfix did nothing. I couldn't even send an email from terminal while following the DO tutorials word for word. Purged.

Tried both another half dozen times following other tutorials. Nothing worked. Purged.

I don't care about a personal 'mail' command, I need PHP mail() to work. That's it.

The only errors I've noticed when installing sendmail is the feater should be before mailer, which is hilarious since I'm using the DEFAULT CONFIG that comes with the package.

1 Answer
apt-get install sendmail-bin sensible-mda
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