I have read just about all of the tutorials and other questions in my search for help but none seem to do the trick.

I have set up a droplet and then created 2 virtual hosts, on one of my virtual hosts I have set up a bog standard HTML form with the requirement of having the content sent to me via the PHP mail function, however depsite trying a number of suggestions from other posts, nothing appears to be working and no e-mails are being sent by the server following submission of the form.

Droplet is Ubuntu 14.04, unsure what other pertinent information to supply.

1 Answer

Hello dear @daveoldacre, a quick way to check the error messages being to prepend the following lines to your problematic .php script:

ini_set('display_errors', 1);

It may give you more clues as to what is the actual problem to debug.

If you find yourself stuck at debugging, please share the errors you get and I will personally help you debug so you can enjoy your droplet in full again.


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