php sql percentage of rows

August 31, 2014 1.4k views

Hello i have problem, i want to my php script calculate percent of ex.

row 1 have 'dmg' value '62'
row 2 have 'dmg' value '38'

now, script need sto calculate this etc:

row 1 is:
62% of total 'dmg'

and row 2 is:

the percent need to be max. 100% ex. 'dmg' of row 1 can be 6200 and 'dmg' of row 2 can be 3800 but percent need to be 100% max...

any help? i tryed scripts but no one helps .. thanks!! try.

1 Answer

Hi! Your question is a little unclear. In php you can calculate a percentage like you normally would. For instance, 3000 is 48.39% of 6200:

# php -a
php > $n = 3000;
php > echo (($n / 6200) * 100)."\n";

Maybe if you could be more specific about the problem you're facing, we can help you better.

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