phpmyadmin for multi site on one VPS

June 22, 2015 4.1k views
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hello everyone,

i just recently created a single VPS to host multi-wordpress sites with multi domains.

i followed the tutorial to create the phpmyadmin on Ubuntu 14.04.

however i do not know how to locate my phpmyadmin.
whenever i type my domain name followed by /phpmyadmin
it will show “That page can’t be found.”

looking forward to everyone’s reply

thanks in advance

3 Answers

Did you pick your webserver properly when using apt-get install phpmyadmin?

thanks Woet, good thing you mentioned it again…i completely forgot about that…hahah -_-“
thanks for the help.


I’m still shooting blanks on this.

I have three VPS installed via Virtualmin/Webmin panel.

Just like Harryleung, I installed phpmyadmin with apt-get install phpmyadmin

Per Woet comment, I went back and re-configured my installation sudo dpkg-reconfigure phpmyadmin to make sure I did everything correctly and still can’t load the page.
Instead my browser attempts to download a file named “download.”

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