PhpMyAdmin Problem on Unbuntu 14.04 and LEMP

Posted June 17, 2014 2.9k views
Hi guys, Okay newbie here so apologize if I sound stupid :) I have followed every tutorial on creating phpmyadmin and I tried testing it ( Now, it seems odd since it redirects to the homepage again. I even tried and it doesn't work too. I have absolutely no idea where is wrong and do you have any suggestions for me in solving this? Thanks!

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Hi! Could you point to a specific tutorial that you followed? It's easier to help figure out a problem if you know what steps have already been taken. I'd suggest this tutorial: Do other php files work as expected?
by Justin Ellingwood
While many users require access to a database management system like MySQL, not all users feel comfortable interacting with the MySQL prompt on a daily basis. In this guide, we'll discuss how to install and secure phpMyAdmin, a web management interface for MySQL, on an Ubuntu 14.04 server.
  • Hi astarr, Thanks for the reply. I found out the answer after creating a new droplet. Seems like after installing WordPress and then install phpmyadmin, it won't work. It would only work phpmyadmin and then wordpress. Much apologies and all work now :) Thanks again!

Without bumping this thread - I would like to know if there is way of fixing this without creating a new Droplet?

I’m experiencing the exact same issue as OP - I setup a LEMP stack, and installed WordPress. I followed [](http:// “this tutorial”) only to visit and it show the WP homepage.

I have created a new sym relationship between the correct folders (/html) as required by Ubuntu 14.04, but it still doesn’t work. – I assume that the first relationship put in place is still causing the direct to the homepage?

Can i remove the initial relationship and let the updated one (correct one for 14.04) be used?

Many thanks, and sorry for bumping an old thread!

by Etel Sverdlov
This tutorial covers the installation of phpMyAdmin on a LEMP server (as opposed to a LAMP server). phpMyAdmin is a free software to work with MySQL on the web—it provides a convenient visual front end to the capabilities of MySQL.
  • Can you pastebin your nginx virtualhost/server block config? Also, where have you installed phpmyadmin and where are your website’s files placed?

Thanks for your reply Kamal, but in the interim I just decided to start over with a new Droplet. I suppose the practice will do me good anyway ☺