PhpMyAdmin won't log in and doesn't display any errors!!

September 25, 2015 1.9k views

PhpMyAdmin keep refreshing when I attempt to log in. I know my username and password are correct (I was able to access the mysql console with it), and my sites are still able to connect to my databases. The only difference in the page after I hit the 'Go' button on PhpMyAdmin is that the URL has a ?token=[something] after it, and the password field clears; no error messages are displayed. I tried reinstalling phpMyAdmin from apt-get, but that didn't fix it either.

Could Someone help me resolve this issue ??

1 Answer

You might check that PHP can properly write session files by checking the PHP session.save_path setting. You can look in that directory and you should see a file created when you open a new browser and attempt to log in to phpMyAdmin.

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