Ping command after VM starts

June 26, 2014 2.7k views

I have a VM in SGP1.
Everytime when it starts I can see this:

1245 ? S 0:00 ping -c 20
1246 ? S 0:00 ping -c 20

Why do you DigitalOcean run these commands from my VM??? What else do you run at start?

1 Answer

root@sg1:/etc# cat rc.digitalocean

!/bin/bash This is an autogenerated script made during the imaging process we ping out on bootup to trigger correct port mapping. You can remove this, but we don’t recommend it. See our FAQ.

ping -c 20 &>/dev/null &
ping -c 20 &>/dev/null &

Is it so difficult to post a link to your FAQ?

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