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Hi, guys

I have some mp3 files to share with my students. Files stored in my website. But the way i want to share the files is sending the students a specific link to each audio file. This will be done by sending an email containing the link or the links to each student.

By clicking in the link, they will be able to listen to the specific song and/or download the song to their personal computer. Right now, the link i send them calls the audio player, but there is no download button in the player. How do i solve this in Wordpress?

Any idea?

Thanks a lot!


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bobbyiliev MOD August 10, 2019
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I believe that the easiest way to achieve that is with a Wordpress plugin.

In the past I’ve used a plugin called MP3-jPlayer. It has a nice player and smooth downloads so I guess that it would meet your needs.

Hope that this helps!

  • @bobbyiliev,


    THe thing is, i send a link in an email that does not pass thru the site.
    If one opens this link in an email, an audio player is called and opens the audio file. Fine.

    What i'd like is that this player shows a download button.

    Because this would spare the person who opens the email to click the link with the right button of the mouse to download the file. In the smart phones this would highly appreciated, to have the download button available.

    Regarding your answer, i don't how to make the link call a specific plugin... exactly that is the point. Normally, when a person receives the link the default audio player is called, which does not show the download button.

    Thanks for caring.


    • Hello,

      Yes, so with the plugin you will be able to have a page which you could share with your students, and via this page they will be able to play the MP3 and also there they will have a button that they could use to download the file.

      That would be basically functionality provided by the plugin.

      Hope that this helps!

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