Please Activate My Account

November 2, 2017 2.9k views

hello digitalocean please activate my account, the page says :

We're reviewing your account

Your account is under review and you will shortly receive an email from us with any next steps.

i already top-up my account $5 via paypal, and submit name, my location, and reason use digitalocean.

please activate it, i use for deploy my project today

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  • almost 7 hours, still no reply and answer, where is the costumer support ??
    my account still not active

7 Answers

Can you access customer support here?

It will probably be your best bet.

  • hi bro, i submit my ticket 3 days ago, and still no answer from costumer support, :(
    it's almost 3 days my account didn't active

    • Yeah. I'll be honest with you, when I first joined here at the beginning of June, I posted a ticket and got a response within 10 minutes. Now I post a ticket and get a response whenever they feel like giving one. This is partially because they changed their ticket system and now it is impacting all customers. Maybe if we're lucky management will find this. Pretty sad the best they can do for a new customer is 3 days. Sadly I believe it.

      I'm a visually impaired accessibility developer. Much of my screen reading software has trouble in their new system as well. Yet ticket system conserns are never taken seriously or stuff would have improved. I think it was rolled out at the end of July.

      Just my thoughts on it. Although their support system is awful, staff are very helpful once you find them. Products are great as well. Don't give up yet. :)

Yep, it doesn't really make sense. Hence I'm using VULTR. And no regrets in that. They also have excellent customer support.

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