Please help to recover an access to Control Panel

June 12, 2013 6.2k views
hello! I have recently reinstalled iOS on my iPhone where I had Google Authenticator. After that I have lost all settings of program Google Authenticator and now I can't access to Control Panel. Please help to recover an access to Control Panel. How to disable two-factor auth without security token? Thanks in advance!
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Login as normal into your account and on the TFA auth token request page you will see a link that says "Disable Two-Factor Authentication".

Click that and an SMS token will be sent to the phone number with which you registered your TFA access. Once you enter that token TFA will be disabled on your account and you can login with just your email and password.

You can re-enable it again at any time.

Thank you for your advice!
Hi, i have a similar problem.
A bad update of the Google Authenticator app has deleted all of my security tokens and now i can't access my account. I try to disable the two-factor authentication but i don't receive the SMS on my mobile.
Please, help.
@digsys: Please send an email to
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