Please publish the DigitalOcean public IP ranges

March 27, 2014 17.2k views
Other cloud providers regularly publish the public IP address ranges that can be assigned to customer virtual machines. This information is required if a company wishes to control outgoing connections from its intranet.
5 Answers
We don't currently publish our public IP ranges. We are getting new ones all the time, so it would likely be out of date shortly. Though you might want to submit the idea to UserVoice to demonstrate that there is demand for this:

Please don't do this (publish public IP ranges). Or at the very least can you withhold some that you don't publish and allocate them specifically to me?

Now that you are one of the big cloud hosting solution we need the IP ranges to protect ourself from bots spawning from your hosting solutions...

  • I totally agree, I have already found 4 of the public ranges that are attempting to access my devices. So far 75 unique addresses have attempted to invade my router and systems beyond. These are not simple attacks, they are persistent and repeated.

    I guess I will have to start posting them to other places to get some attention from the people at Digital Ocean that can do something about it.

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