Plesk Panel is loading very slow. How to speed it up?

September 9, 2019 92 views
Applications Ubuntu 18.04

I have installed Plesk Panel in my $5 droplet. And the website loads smoothly and fastly. But the Plesk Admin panel is loading very slow. How do I make it load faster? Even though I don’t have much traffic to my site and I have hosted a very simple Php website.

2 Answers

Hi @eldho,

This might need some troubleshooting. Can you please enter your server, install htop

apt-get install htop

Now to enter and star using it just type htop.

Second step, open your Plesk Admin panel and start clicking around while monitoring the htop tab. Most probably the CPU/RAM usage will start going UP which will result in the slowness.

Kind regards,

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