Plesk: Smaller than 8GB?

May 2, 2019 178 views

I want to try Plesk on CentOS with a $10 droplet. When I try to use the one-click installer it only wants to let me choose the $40 Droplet, which is wild overkill for now.

Of course, it doesn’t let me resize to a smaller storage droplet.

Is it possible to get Plesk on a $10-20 droplet?

1 Answer

Hey friend!

Great question. You can definitely create one with a smaller size. I’ve zeroed in on the key area when creating the droplet, to help highlight it:

There’s a little button with a left arrow in it overlapping the $40 droplet box. Click that and it will scroll over, revealing smaller droplet options. If that doesn’t happen, try disabling browser extensions as you may have one conflicting with the control panel and blocking it from functioning as intended.


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