Port 465, 587, 25 on my droplet is blocked, cannot send email to my custumer, please help me!

Posted August 15, 2017 20.6k views
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Hello, I have sent some ticket to DO in 3 days ago but no answer. Why blocked my port 465, 25, 587. I use droplet for more 1 year and send email normal but recently I cannot send email to my custumer. DO donot support for anything. Who know how unblock port to send email, please help me. Thanks!

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  • I use LAMP and set up email server:, 465, ssl, username, password on joomla 3.6.5 I also look up on question and read many article here but donot find what for me.

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Ports aren’t blocked unless you block them yourself with a firewall. If you’re using zoho as your mail provider I suggest you contact them since they’re most likely the cause of the issue.

Thank Aprexer!
I checked this for 3 days.

  • Firewall donot do this. I know use Firewall
  • I checked by scan port 465, 587, .., at and see those port blocked Please help me!

Hello iamzum,

I also have problem like you but my droplet open port 465 & 587 and I use SMTP Plugin with SMTP Zoho but it can’t send anyone.

Please help


Hi iamzum,

I am facing the same problem as port 587 is blocked by DO so my web app cannot send outgoing emails. I opened a ticket [Ticket #578581]. But DO support has not replied for a couple days. Ticket is still open unsolved.

Same problem here and same support by DO, I still waiting for a response since 4 days ago… terrible support.

At least could you give me an IP to scan with?

Hello, Aprexer.
can you help me? Please!

  • Port 465 is blocked inbound but it can send outbound, its a problem with zoho not digitalocean. Also its using zoho to send emails so its nothing to do with your server.

I’m suddenly facing this issue too. It’s working fine before it. Waiting for DO support’s response too

I am also experiencing this issue.

I am also having the same problems. Seems like the ports were blocked without any notification. Did anyone here get it resolved yet? Will need to know how fast these issues are resolved before deciding whether to stay with DO or consider alternative hosting.

Also happened to me. I resized my droplet to take advantage of the new upgrade in pricing. Shutdown, resize, boot up again and then all my emails could not go out.

I managed to find a work around if you are using sendgrid.

If you are using sendgrid, you can use port 2525.
That worked for me.

But I hope Digital ocean can give an answer

Hy, for who can’t send emails.



nano /etc/gai.conf

and uncomment

precedence ::ffff:0:0/96 100

Reboot, test, and change NETWORK MX, add GMAIL MX.

Hi there,
Just to comment that in my case, the problem was that digital ocean block my server.
yes without warning or message :-o

But after contact to the support, they askme some questions regarding the business and what kind of email my app send …
they have removed the SMTP block from my account.

why port 25 is block in digital ocean ? i want do send email from squirrelmail to gmail,yahoo, etc ?

Same here. Why do they do this??

Same for me and after 5 hours always no answer.
I resized my droplet to take advantage of the new upgrade in pricing. Shutdown, resize, boot up again and then all my emails could not go in/out.

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