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September 18, 2017 2.7k views
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Since there seems to be people here that know allot about docker i give it a shot asking my question here:

I have a controlpanel installed for my gameservers.(Pterodactyl), Now they use docker to create the containers for the servers. Tho i want to use my machine for some webhosting apps for me and my mate as well. Now I installed LAMP on the server. Tested it and worked fine. Installed the Deamon for this controlpanel. And now Port 80 is closed. I made it opened it in the Firewalld. No result. I tried to turn firewalld off, Still no results. Is there a way to open port 80 to my machine and not just a single container? As for as far as im aware. This LAMP isnt running in a container.

There is this container running, Which i have a feeling is just the main container of the server. And i feel like i have to add port 80 to this container. But i have no idea how I can do that on startup everytime other then stopping the container, and use the run command.

Container ID: b67411ad872e
Image: quay.io/pterodactyl/scrappy:latest

Command": “/usr/local/bin/sf…”

I have not too much experience with Docker. so i was hoping people here would be able to help. Thanks in Advance!

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I did not understand your question but I think you need to forward traffic on port 80 to your docker containers.

Does this solve your problem?

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