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Apache Networking Firewall


I’m a bit new and I apologize if this question was already asked and answered just couldn’t find the answer I was looking for or maybe didn’t understand it correctly but here it goes:

I have a HAProxy set up with two web host behind the load balancer. Both web host have a public and private interface (eth0 public and eth1 private)

I wanted to know how may I set up some rules in IPTable to block incoming connections on port 80 for those host and ONLY have them interact with the haproxy host via the private network? So basically, I want ALL incoming traffic on port 80 blocked on the public interface and all traffic processed via the private interface.

I read a few things but couldn’t get the concept down. Thank you in advance for any and all help!!!

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1 Answer

If you’re on apache this can be done really easily with ufw instead of iptables directly.

sudo ufw deny http
sudo ufw allow from allowed ip address to any port 80

This will simply

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